Algitech Chemicals

About Us

About the Company

One of the leading Construction Chemicals Company in India

Algitech Chemicals was founded in the year 1991, with a mission to produce construction chemical products that would be on par with international standards.

The focus of the company from inception has been to deliver high quality construction chemical products and services at competitive pricing. The idea was to not only provide cost effective solutions to builders, architects, engineers, building construction industries, individual house owners and building societies

Algitech's R&D centre and manufacturing plant produces construction chemicals for Waterproofing Repairs, Crack and Expansion Joint Fillers, Bonding Agents, Tile Adhesives, Plasticizers, Retarders, Air Entraining Compounds Accelerators, Hollow Block Admixtures, Curing Compound and Mould Release Agents, Grouts, Anchors, Flooring, Anti-Corrosive Treatment Paints, and Wall Putty.

Our Location

12/1A, NH-66, Varambally
Brahmavar - 576213, Udupi

Algitech Chemicals is located at Brahmavar in Karnataka, India. Brahmavar is close to the temple city of Udupi on NH 66. The Company is a scheduled on 4 acres of land and houses its Administrative offices, R&D centre and manufacturing plant.

Management and Personnel

Enhancing R&D and innovation to meet new challenges

The Management of Algitech Chemicals is led by Prashanth Lewis - Managing Partner.

Added to his keen sense for business, an outstanding academic record in Civil Engineering and an M.S in Civil Engineering from the U.S form the State University New York at Buffalo (UB)., Prashanth Lewis took to his role with an enthusiasm that contributed immensly to the Company's growth from a start-up in 1991 to becoming a well established competitive player in the field of construction chemical products and services. He is a second generation entrepreneur with more than 24 years of experience in the field of construction chemicals.

The manufacturing is headed by Lovina Lewis partner in the company who has done MSc and has more than 15 years of the working experience in the field.

To support his vision for the Company, Lewis has employed a core R&D team and over fifty skilled personnel who drive manfacturing and marketing and administrative work.

Our Aim is to deliver Utmost Satisfaction by setting the highest standards

The Algitech Distributor network in India ensures that our clients and prospects are able to avail our high performance construction chemical products and services with ease. Find the distributor closest to your location.